Aidan Harding Joins the Shakeout Team

By alpjim

Aidan Harding

We are delighted to announce Aidan Harding will be one our friends helping us out on the Bike Packing lecture at the Big Shakeout. A veteran off-road adventure cyclist with the Tour Divide and 1100 mile Iditarod Trail International under his belt he is at the forefront UK bike exploration. As the cyclist’s alpinism, adventure biking is all about problem solving. Minimising your gear by eliminating redundancy and using multifunctional equipment helps keep the bike as light and maneuverable as possible, allowing you to travel further. Aidan has become a master of these skills and during the session he will share with you, through stories and anecdotes, the systems he has used to successfully complete some of the worlds toughest and longest bike races.

You can read more about Aidan’s exploits on his own website.

If you would like to attend the session you can book your place here.

After the session we expect some riders to load up and take a short ride into the Peak to experience riding a loaded bike before heading back to the Shakeout campground for an overnight bivi.

We will also have some Alpkit demo sleeping bags, bivi bags, dry bags and titanium cookware available for you to borrow if you don’t yet have your own equipment. This is strictly on a first come first serve basis.

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