Adventure Fund 2016

By Col

We are excited to continue supporting the Adventure Fund in association withSidetracked Magazine. Back in 2014 it was ski mountaineering in the Pika Glacier, Alaska. Thenlast year it was a horseback journey along the Bicentennial National Trail and which continues to see Alienor on this 5330 km along the length of Australia's Great Dividing Range.

This year the winner is Jenny Tough who is aiming to run 1000km solo and self supportedacross the mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan. Travelling high up into the central Tien Shan mountains, she will pass across high peaks and glaciers, whilst any form of support will likely come from the nomadic herders living in the valleys.

We are delighted to be supporting Jenny with some of our technical clothing, camping and trekking poles for her adventure and we shall be digging deeper to find out what she's up to, but in the meantime find out more about the Adventure Fund.

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