A Dad's Adventure

By Col

Landing on my desk today was the soon to be released, published dose of adventure inspiration from the original champion of all things #microadventure Alastair Humphreys. Based around the key principles of keeping things simple, short and close to home, it's aim is to encourage everyone to get out and not be afraid to experience a little bit of adventure. Find out more on his new MicroAdventure book.

With its long hours of daylight, June is a great month to get out after work and cram as much into an evening session as you would into an entire day, and still be back at your desk the following morning. It is of courseFather's day as well, so while enjoying your own summer adventures through the rest of the month, why not set your dad a father's day challenge this year? To give him a bit more time then let's spread it over the whole weekend of the 14th and 15th June. Whether that's something stretching into thenight,or simply making as much of the day as possible. If you want to get involved as well, then perhaps have a competition to see who can come up with the best challenge of the weekend.

So check out our recommendedselection of equipment to help him make the most of his adventure. Oh and make sure you get what he's planning in writing too!

We would love to hear what you get up to, so feel free to share your stories or photos either by email or over onFacebookorTwitterand tag your #microadventures with #mydadsadventure. As a bit of fun and added incentive we'll give away some Alpkit titanium goodies to our favourite Dad's Adventures from the weekend, as well as a copy of Alastair Humphreys new Microadventure book for further inspiration. We'll pick an overall winner on Wednesday 18th.

As a quote from Alastair himself puts it "In a boring, pragmatic world I appreciate that not everyone can muster the time or the money to go on a massive, whoopeedoo expedition. But everyone,everyone, EVERYONE can manage a microadventure........" Even your dad?

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