Develop Woomf

By alpjim

All shells are lined with a single piece of closed cell foam and 2 pieces of open cell foam to minimize the hinge weak spot. This new bunch of tearaways have needed more to restrain than a simple strap. Unlike Phud, this strap is padded and can be used as rucksack straps. Like Phud, all Woomf's will be made in Derbyshire.


Landing zone : 1000mm x 750mm x 70mm Folded : 500mm x 750mm x 140mm Closed cell foam : PE20 (20mm thick) Open cell foam : RP21-250 (50mm thick)

Expected costs: 'ARD WOOMF: £60 (Cordura shell) WOOMF: £50 (Polyester shell) WOOMF BLING: £60 (Animal print top / polyester base)

We just need to do some final testing on the fabrics and the foam densities to make sure we've got all our sums right and our Woomf bouldering mats should will be available on the website soon.

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