Recycling Down?

By alpjim

1) It was a new style of jacket we wanted to trial
2) The fabric used in the Filium was well received and is now the base fabric for the new Filo.
3) The down used in the Filium was recycled from a faulty batch of Filo's.
We have been chatting at Alpkit HQ and wonder whether the recycling of down can happen on a bigger scale? Would you send us your old down products to be recycled in much the same way as the Patagonia capaline scheme.
OK, the first fact is we would have to ship the old down garments and sleeping bags to China on a big boat. We haven't got access to a down processing plant in the UK and the new shells for sleeping bags or jackets would be made in China. Currently there are more containers arriving with goods to the UK than being sent back so empty containers are being filled with our garbage destined for land fill or recycling in China.
The down would have to go through exactly the same cleaning process as virgin down, the only saving would be the life of a few geese. The recycled down would probably work out a little cheaper as a material than the same virgin quantity.
So is it worth it?
Would you send us your old down products or drop them off with us at a show?
Would you want reward for your old down products?
Would this be payment upfront like the Millet Scheme?
or would you do it just for the love of the, er, geese, and reducing the amount entering UK landfill like the Patagonia scheme?
I'd love to know your thoughts.

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