Phud II - Back to basics

By Pete Dollman

If you’re after a first pad, one for the occasional weekend at the blocs, just a great value extra / second pad, one for the evening circuits at your local or for your cellar / woody, the Phud is perfect.


Small but perfectly foamed.
30% smaller than it’s big brother the Mujo, the Phud’s size is dictated by efficient of use of foam: we decided a slightly smaller pad which allowed us to use high quality foam efficiently was better than a bigger pad made with lower quality foam.

The smaller folded size also allows it to fit into almost all sizes of car. It even fits perfectly into the boot of Ben's green micro machine meaning he can give a lift to 3 other hard up climbers.

Our first batches of Phuds will be going out with 10cm foam, but this is likely to reduce to 8cm making it cheaper, easier to fold and reducing the pressure on the foam hen closed. Exact foam specs haven't yet been approved by the board of air traffic controllers.

Fabric: 600d, UK woven Polyester.
PU coated to keep the uk damp out of your foam and beefy enough to deal with the occasional less than optimal landing surface.

Straps and closures.
Simple shoulder strap and webbing and buckle closures are as simple for us to sew as they are for you to use: easier for us to make equals better value for you!

Chamfered corners.
Reduces the wear traditionally concentrated at the corner points of square pads whilst being much more efficient to sew than a full-on round corner as found in our other pads. The chamfered corners also make it easier and quicker to stuff the foam inside which keeps our foam monkeys happy!

Taco construction.
Again fabric and sewing efficiency were the deciding factors in selecting this design: fewer seams make the Taco faster to sew, easier to stuff the foam into and also reduce the number of possible weak points in the mat making it stronger.

Many people swear by taco construction because of worries about bottoming out through the hinge of a folding pad, we’re divided on this but the new Phud’s taco shape means one less thing to worry about on those first forays into unroped climbing.

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