2016 bike luggage dev part 3

By Ben Meakin

In my third and final part I look at the Stem Cell - our best selling piece of bike luggage ever since we started our own factory. It's popularity derives from its unimposing nature. You don't have to make any changes to your set up - just strap it on to your bars and you have a simple and accessible load carrying system. Spare inner tubes coiled up in the base, 500 ml water bottle for easy hydration, your scrunched up windproof to pull out on the go or your graze bag for the long day ahead. Want hot food? you can even fit a full cookset consisting of a 650 ml MytiMug with a small gas canister, Kraku and a Snapwire for your cooking set up. - it's uses are many.

In our updated range we are going to have 4 different models, yes 4!! First up we are keeping the original style because it works well for most things. We are tidying up the construction - a new square base will help it fit to your bars snugger and a overlapping flap will help prevent the side effects of the very British weather entering inside. The Stem Cell XL will also receive the same treatment.

Next up is the ‘Stem Cell Dry’. This style will appeal to those on expeditions or looking for a greater degree of weather proofness. It has a fully waterproof liner made from the same material as our Airlok dry bags. With a roll top closure you don't need to hide under a bridge or worry about your equipment getting wet when the heavens open.

Finally we have the ‘Stem Cell Handy’. Obviously we would always advise that you pull over and stop if you need to access the content of your Stem Cell, check out the view and do some stretching. But if you haven't got time for that we know you will just try and get at your trail mix one-handed. This Stem Cell has a one handed opening system to make grabbing a handfull of trail-mix even easier.

So that's a short introduction to our plans as we head into the summer. There will be more info on the site as the products come through.

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