New Ordos coming soon

By Nick

The Ordos 2 and 3 has proven itself as a lightweight liveable shelter but we knew with a few tweaks it could be even better. Amendments for 2016 are improved hydrostatic head, side guyline points and fast pitch tent tarp options. This allows for a semi outer pitch first design and can be used with just the optional ground sheet. Let's run through them.

These have been upgraded to 3000 mm hydrostatic head (a measure of waterproofness where 1000 mm is considered waterproof), and we have made the decision not to use suplementary fire retardants (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) on the fabric. We think that overtime we will see this become the industry norm, these chemicals are particularly nasty and research is showing the benefits on this style and size of tent are minimal at best.You can read more inthis well researched easy non academic article.

More nylon and less mesh, we have increased the surface area of nylon to reduce cold draughts, but there is still plenty of mesh to stay cool in the summer.

Inner pitching first with a hybrid outer first option
Fundamentally Ordos will still be an inner pitching tent first, but if you put it up in tent / tarp mode (with the optional footprint) you can keep the inner dry. It may not satisfy the outer pitch first purist but it does give you 3 pitching options you can tailor to your adventures.

Side wind stability
We have added guidelines to the flysheet to improve stability in cross-winds, basically three additional guying points, one on each side of the fly and one on the ridge, there is also a velcro loop to hold the pole in place. However Ordos is quite a tall and roomy tent for its weight - that's what makes it so liveable - so assessing conditions and correct pitching is essential for this style of tent. If you want something that is going to stand up in all weather you are better looking at our mountain tents..

Predictably weight has gone up as a result of using slightly more durable materials, but we think it is now a tent more suited to UK conditions.

These are also changing and will mirror our mountain tents. You will have a dark green and a burnt red - both look mighty fine.

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