Modifying Figfour Handles

By Pete Dollman

Figfour's shafts were designed to be a balance between training intensity and axe specificity, this is why they have less aggressive angles and smaller grips rests than modern leashless tools, simply to increase the intensity of the training and get you stronger faster.

Whilst this is fine for those already used to climbing with axes we've had a few requests from people wanting a more generous grip which got us thinking about ways of modifying the tools to suit your needs. Maybe you find your grip fails too soon so you don't get enough moves in for the session or problem you want to do? Maybe you're new to the sport, not interested in 'training' and want to simply make the tools easier to climb with? We've worked out a pretty neat solution.

We stumbled across Sugruan awesome material developed by former RCA student and product designer Jane which is perfect for the kind of mod we were planning. It's basically an air curing Sillicon based putty type stuff that's soft and moldable but becomes hard after a few hours and will stick to nearly anything you can mold it around. It allows you to create custom grips for your mitts, the options are endless, add triggers, extend the griprests and add extra ones, and as it retains a little bit of flex it won't crush your little finger as a more aggressive griprest would on a tool of this type.

some of our fig4 mods

Figfour's untreated natural wood shafts are perfect for modifying; you can sand them smoother, or roughen them up for more grip, stain them, stencil them, even get creative with marker pens and create something truly unique to you!Go nuts, and if you make something sweet send us a pic and we'll stick it on the site!