Mantas are sold out? What's coming next...

By Jay Oram

We're well known for our lights - the classic Gamma has won best value, best in test and editors choice year on year since we launched it way back when. The range expanded last year with a couple of new models and some lanterns/torches, the Indigo, Viper, Manta, Glowe and Trinity. With so many new lights that all excelled in different areas we were unsure just what Nick and the other product guys had up their sleeve...

It's a small office at Alpkit and it's difficult to not see samples and drawings of kit floating about, the samples room is an Aladdin's cave of treasures, but until Nick or Jack say it's on the way you never really know what is going through their minds. I've been given a couple of samples to play with while up in the Lake District, running about locally in the dark and I've seen a few different models go out to athletes - so I've pinned Nick down to find out exactly what's coming and when!

We have decided to replace the Manta with a couple of new lights that should suit a wider range of users - they take re-chargeables, fit nicely on your head and are made of Aluminium, a much harder wearing material.

Firstly -The Prism 100 and Prism 550

Shared features on the Prism -

Hard anodised aluminium body

180º Tilt on the head strap

IPX7 Rating - Means you can drop it in the water by accident.

There is also a lock mode to prevent accidental battery drainage.


The Prism 100 - a burn time of up to 5 hours and 30 minutes. On maximum output, Prism 100 has a lighting range of 130 m. Weighing in at only 101 g, there are 4 modes of operation:

100: high (100 lumens); medium (55 lumens); low (20 lumens) and 8 Hz flashing.

The Prism 550 - a burn time of up to 60 hours. On maximum output, Prism 550 has a lighting range of 135 m. Weighing in at 153 g, there are 5 modes of operation:

550: max (550 lumens); high (250 lumens); medium (100 lumens); low (25 lumens) and 8 Hz flashing.

Secondly the new ARC light -

Combining some of the best features of top selling headtorches; the Arc emits up to 150 m of 190 lumen light.

The ARC - a burn time of up to 130 hours. On maximum output, the ARC has a lighting range of 150 m. Weighing in at only 170g, there are 8 modes of operation:

190: Distance light: max (190 lumens); middle (58 lumens); Floodlight: High (45 lumens); low (5 lumens); Strobe; Red Light: High; Strobe; SOS

One of the most ingenious aspects of Arc, has to be the quick-change batteries. A simple twist lock and release button ejects the battery pack from the torch which can be immediately swapped with a ready loaded spare battery pack. The change can be done in a matter of seconds and with no fumbling to work out which way round the batteries need to go.

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