2016 bike luggage dev part 2

By Ben Meakin

Last time I outlined a new bike luggage product - the Fat Roo. This is now online, available here. This time I will introduce a second new product and run through some modifications to some of the current products.

Koala seatpack
When something is fine we leave it be. Koala is just one of those products, which apart from a few minor tweaks, nips and tucks has essentially remained unchanged. Koala works best when full but this isn’t always the case, and if you haven't filled the Koala you might have a problem getting the correct tension. As a result we are introducing an extra strap to stop the webbing under your seat post from slipping even if there is a lot of play in the bag. If you fill the Koala out there’s no need to worry.

The Koala is the lightest seat bag of it’s size on the market, a super lightweight bag for bike packers looking for a light set up, and we want to keep it that way, so when people started asking us for it to be even stronger, larger and beefier we dug our heels in and said no.

New Koala
But we did says yes to a new bigger Koala! Welcome ‘Big Pappa Koala’. This pumped up beastie is going to be 17 litres and ready for your big adventures. Around the bottom it will have heavy duty fabric with extra polyprop reinforcing the sides. At the top behind the seat there will be some cord to fasten down waterproofs, flip-flops anything you wish easy access to. To attach this new Koala to the seat post we are using a 50 mm strap with a grippy material to stop slippage. For something extra special it is coming with 2 different aluminium buckles for strength and look awesome.

Fuel Pods and Possums
Not a lot is changing but the changes that are happening will be good news for riders who have electronics. The complete range is getting ports to make running cables from dynamos, batteries, usb devices to your cockpit a whole lot easier. On the Fuel Pods we are adding foam padding to the sides as well as the bottom, to hold better shape and add a little protection to what ever your store inside. The Possum shape is changing for ease of access the water bottle on the down tube.

All these changes have been signed off and will be making an appearance in the coming weeks.

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