Is bamboo the new cotton?

By Kenny Stocker


We have been pretty happy with our cotton t shirts, but we are asked for alternatives such as organic cotton. When we started out 3 years ago we got a batch of Patagonia Organic blanks to try, but initial impression was disappointing, they did not hold their shape very well in the wash, colours faded and so we went for regular cotton.

Now we have got hold of some funky bamboo tees, which according to those in the know are an 'excellent organic choice'.

First impressions were good, the tees were very light and soft, they felt good against the skin. They wick well and dry quickly, more like a base layer than a cotton tee. They also have a good face for printing so the Chunk is happy as well.

Our only concern is how long they are going to last, already after one wash they are starting to look out of shape, whereas our Alpkit cotton originals from 3.5 years ago are still holding both their shape and colour.

Time will tell if this is an inherent problem with this fabric, getting through 3 or 4 tees in the same time it takes to get through 1 regular tee seems to defeat the point. It will be interesting to hear of other peoples experiences with bamboo and other organic fabrics.

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