Introducing the Prototype Tents

By alpjim

UPDATE: The tents are now available for purchase online. Thanks for all your feedback.

Limpit in foreground with Bunka behind.

Nick and Col check out the internal features of the Bunka

Project - LIMPIT

A classic geodesic tent for camping in all mountain conditions. We messed around with plenty of different pole configurations but let's be honest the early pioneers of geodesic designs got it bang on. We must pay credit to them because we’ve copied their ideas. We wanted a tent that looked very different to anything on the market but these looked contrived... almost as if we were just trying to make it look different for the sake of it. Also in making things look different the strength, weight or both were compromised. So here we are then... our very similar looking geodesic mountain tent... project name, Limpit.

Current Size : t.b.c

Current Weight : t.b.c

Jim and Pete makes notes on the vestibule of the Bunka

Project - BUNKA

Tent real estate comes at a price.. weight. With the Bunka we have used the classic 4 pole geodesic theory and mixed it up a little to give a wider 3 person mountain tent. Steeper side walls give more usable internal space for the occupants. 2 poled large vestibule doors maximize the space further. The Bunka has become Petes de-facto temporary home when out camping on maneuvers.

Current Weight : t.b.c.

Current Size : t.b.c.

Nick checks the guying points on the HEX

Jim measures the dimensions of the panels

Project - HEX

Campsites are generally getting busier, that once quiet spot on the coast is now invaded by several motherships every weekend. How often have we listened to the wind and rain in our small but perfectly formed mountain tent laughing as Dad comes out to tighten the 5 million guy lines on the mothership next door. Hiding beneath the laughter is the jealousy of the shear amount of space inside that tent. With the Hex you can have it all... space and security from the elements. Capable of sleeping 6 adults in relative comfort and with 3 large vestibule doors to store the supplies you won’t be lacking space. The 6 pole geodesic design will protect the occupants against the worst of the elements whether you are camping in a remote base camp or along the Welsh coast. The upshot of the 6 poles is the 3 entrance points it allows. Initially skeptical of this idea we soon became fans of the versatility this offers. No longer do we have to carefully crawl over our mates to sneak out at 3am for emergency relief. If the wind changes direction, no problem just swap entrances!

Current Size : t.b.c.

Current Weight : t.b.c

Some possible colour options we are looking at.

Alptent Features

Brand Name Colour Coded Poles : We’re not in the business of making up names of fabrics etc, we spend long enough thinking up names of products already, so we’ll be offering all the tents with top end branded poles for DAC. As standard all the poles will be colour coded with the tent to help minimize any difficulties in erection.

Lightweight High Spec Fabrics : To ensure the tents are as light as possible we are looking at ultra modern low denier fabrics. These fabrics are incredibly strong and extremely durable despite being incredibly thin.

Storage : Some might say because we are a stones throw from Ikea we eat to many hotdogs. We’d like to say the Swedish design influences rubbed off and made the storage inside the tents more usable than any other tent out there. Expect to see plenty of pockets as well as easy clip hanging points.

Multi Access Doors : Full zip doors allow them to be fully sealed in the worse weather whilst 4 zip pullers allow the outer doors to be opened in an unconceivable number of ways. Large door vents offer protection inside from the elements when venting the tent or when making use of the porches. Clever tabs allow commonly carried items to be used with in-conjunction with the tent to increase the usable space.

Project : Delta
There has been a fair bit published on our project tent named Delta but I am afraid to say it won’t be launched with the mountain tents. It is 90% there but we are struggling getting that final 10% bang on. It’s light enough, the space inside is good but something just doesn't sit right. For this reason we have delayed its launch until it is. We are also planning on developing the Delta idea further into a range of lighter backing packing tents to support the mountain range explained above.

Note : because these tents are still being developed some features and elements discussed in this article may change in final production.

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