Innovation and collaboration

By Kenny Stocker

We have been developing outdoor products for 10 years. Some of these we have developed in house, others we have bought in, but we have always believed we could do more to stretch where we could take our ideas and perhaps also our brand.

It is all to easy to get stuck in your ways, especially when things are not plain sailing, to lose the buzz of creativity and forget the reasons you got in to this in the first place. Fortunately a chance meeting a few months led to us getting that buzz back. We accepted that we didn’t have the skills in house, found some people we could trust to work with and set out on a journey of collaboration.

It has been really interesting working with Nottingham based G2 Innovationover the past few months. As consultants in design and innovation their expertise in technology, skills, knowledge and methodologies has injected some fresh thinking in to our product range.

With manufacturing partners all around the world we are well versed in remote working, but having a partner just down the road, who we could just call in on and beat out an idea has been game changing for us, we have some great design talent in this country.

Combining our expertise in outdoor products with their expertise of integrating technology the team at G2 have taken the pain and the uncertainty out of genuine innovation. We went to them with a simple idea and they have turned it on its head to develop a product that we think is really neat.

In the past we have made the mistake of promising things before we have known we can deliver, so with this we are playing our cards close to our chests. The initial response we have had from our team has been very positive, so positive in fact that we hope to move forward our intended launch date by a couple of months. It's another small step down our road of working with local companies to manufacture and develop.

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