Helmet Mounting a Gamma Headtorch

By alpjim

Now the nights are drawing in cyclists are dusting off their night lights and hitting the trails under the cover of darkness. I used the pre-sales samples of the Gamma LED headtorch, mounted to my helmet, last year to illuminate my journey during the daily commute home. Quite a few of the guys I ride with have now fitted Gamma's head torches to their helmets. On the max setting of 85 lumens you get plenty enough power to back up a handle bar mounted system. The battery life is excellent so if you wish you can leave it running on full power for even the longest ride. When I do get on the road I like to switch the unit to the green led as it seems to catch the eye of the drivers (only do this if you have a second white light mounted on your bike). The flashing red l.e.d. on the back of the battery unit allows your mates to see where you are on the trail without effecting their vision, which can happen with a seat post mounted unit.

Check out the photos below to see how easy it is to attach to your help. You can quickly remove all the head elastics. You might be able to make use of these to re-attached parts of the gamma to your helmet like I have done with the battery box. I am going to replace the cable tie with a velcro cable tidy when I get the time to pop over the road to the local DIY store. The weight penalty is so low I won't take mine off now until the spring.

The Alpkit Gamma has no CE certification for use as a bike light and should not be used on public roads as your only light source.

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