Filo Slide

By Kenny Stocker

T'was a white christmas at our alpine outpost in the Italian foothills. We set up the mobile CoLAB test centre and put our Filo goose down jacket through its paces. Things quickly became competitive, the local kids were good but we had a few tricks up our sleeves.

CoLAB out and about

What we wanted to know was how would Tactel nylon survive a high velocity slide? Ken carried the banner to the top of the slope determined to take the challenge to the mountain.

Initial tests looked promising. Despite some snow entering under the waist the jacket was still intact and no goose down was lost on the slope.

The local kids mocked our freestyle sliding. Each a mini Valentino Rossi it was performance they were interested in so we got hold of the right kit and took them on at their own game.

Ken: Stability issues Helen: Left-hand drive problems Liz: Testing the brakes

OK, it wasn't quite as easy as it looked. These little dudes had years of experience on us. The learning curve was steep and we were failing to impress. At least the Filo down jackets were taking a knock.

Jim carves a turn Jim finds the sweet spot Jim pleased with himself

At last we were busting some moves and begining to look competitive. Somehow the kids were able to control their crafts with the precision of a laser guided missile, we instead were little more than human projectiles. We weren't beaten yet, there was one thing we had in our advantage.. gravity.

Being good mountain people we don't go anywhere without our orange Karrimor survival bags. For pure speed and portability nothing else comes close.

Our work was done and our down jackets were still intact. Another good day out of the office.

Helen, Liz, Jim, Chunk and Ken [Dec 2005]

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