Down sleeping bag in 3 lengths

By Nick

Many people contacted us last year (especially women) asking for a sleeping bags not designed around a standard Alpkit employee. They wanted a better fit and a more efficient sleeping system without paying an arm and a leg over the price of a regular bag. The new AlpineDream 500, 700, 900 down sleeping bags are now available "FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY" in Short and Long versions and with only a modest premium; we calculate that the tall version will be £5 more for an extra 20 cm of length and the short version will cost £5 less and be 20 cm shorter than the regular version. The fill weight of bag has remained the same, so the short will be slightly warmer (less bag to put the down into) and the tall slightly cooler (more bag to put the down into) than the standard model. This kind of works out well for women who normally sleep colder. The new bags have had to lose the funky red ‘feather’ shape in our attempt to limit the price increase, it seems a better option than losing the real feathers. This only a trial to see if there is demand, we don't want to order 1000s of down bags only to find they sit on shelves. So we are going to give it a go see if this is something we can offer in the future. We are hoping that this is something that we can put into our main product line sometime in 2007.

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