Alpkit - What's coming in 2015?

By Jay Oram

Over the coming month we will be taking a more in depth look at the range of products we are looking at developing and producing in 2015 - We have some completed specifications and orders in with factories but there's still plenty to do, including finalising up some specs and even the colours for some things! But Nick will be putting together all this information and at some point in 2015 you will see these products in our online shop.

First up: MASSIVE NEWS!!!

We know our customers and the outdoor community have been waiting for our sleeping bags for what feels like forever - no need to wait any longer!

We now have a rough timeline of arriving before Easter. We won't have every model straight away but the new Pipedream and Alpine dream will be coming first, followed by some better specced cold weather bags, a synthetic bag and a quilt.

Some more old favourites are coming back, tents, with some upgrades. New lightweight backpacking style tents and Nick assures us that his single skin tent design, will change the way we think!

More old favourites: Carbonlite walking poles, Airic Sleeping mats and an addition to the bivvy bag range will be with us for Spring, along with the first look at our UK made rucksack.

Our ever expanding cookware range is set to grow again in 2015 with a kettle, new cutlery, flask and cups, plus even more accessories. Coming with this is the exclusive and re-designed Tike.

Lastly - the most exciting bit for me are the new garments we have planned, I have only glanced concept drawings and the odd muttering, but Nick has given me a list of those coming soon:

Baselayers (Merino) /Softshell jackets /Waterproof Jacket / Waterproof Trousers /

We have the only pure Adventure Swimming wetsuit coming as well - we have worked closely with a local manufacturer, chatted to the guys at the Wild Swimming and Outdoor Swimming Society - got exactly what they wanted from more of a Wild swimming suit and have had a few prototypes out there for testing. These are definitely on the way and could be with us just for when the snow is on the ground, you will need to break the ice for a good swim!

With all these new products and a lot more development happening at Alpkit HQ we have a few new members of staff for 2015 as well - Jack in purchasing and Ola in Customer Service - Sign up to the Newsletter for the most up to date news and offerings and let us know what you think on our facebook and twitter pages - Let's hope 2015 will be as good as 2014!

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