The Camino Report - Part 1

The Camino Report - Part 1

By Ole Christian

So, I bought a new bike, from a company that just started doing bikes, with no test ride and very little customer reviews to rely on. I literally fell in love upon seeing the pictures of the first prototype of the Camino on the Alpkit website. It seemed to answer all my requirements in my next bike, you know, those ideas that swirl around in your head, when pondering the next bike. I also decided to fly out to England to pick it up, meet the makers and ride it back to Norway. I promised the good people at Sonder/Alpkit to tell them about my journey and my new love. Now about six weeks later I feel I have enough experience with the bike to really tell my story. I am even a little slow in finishing my write-up, which has a lot to do with the fact that most of my spare time have been spent riding the Camino. It is hard not to!

I am a middle aged Norwegian man that loves bikes. I love looking at bikes, I love thinking about bikes, I love building bikes, I love fixing bikes and most of all I love riding bikes. I love what riding bikes does to me and how it puts smiles on my face, most of the time anyway. I am not a racer. Most of the time I am out on my own, be it on various road bikes, gravel bikes or mountain bikes, that I have assembled myself. I love the meditative state of riding a road bike and I love the feeling of more active riding a mountainbike on various trails. I live in a small town up in the mountains in the south east part of Norway. The place offers countless gravel roads, criss crossing the lands and mountains, connecting valleys and townships, often through summer farms with pastures filled with happy herds of cows and sheep. These roads and trails offer beautiful nature and very little traffic. These roads are begging to be ridden and many places “call on you” to pitch a tent and stay a while. Exploration and adventure are important aspects of biking for me. Touring, over a weekend or over months are sources of joy, the dreaming, the planning and the execution of those plans.

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