Team Training at the Westway

By Ashleigh Naysmith

The weekend the 17th/ 18th January was the first British Climbing Team Training of the year. This is when everybody gets to meet this year’s team members for the first time and when technicalities such as contracts are discussed. There is also normal training like we will receive throughout the year.

The first day we spent the first couple of hours discussing contracts, injuries, competitions and so on and then moved into some coaching from Neil Gresham. He explained in detail, with slides, some ways to train different aspects of climbing and how to structure a beneficial training plan. I found this very useful. I already knew some of it but there was some information which I hadn’t really thought about and found this very motivating.

That day we had two leads to onsight comp style. The first one was very difficult to read and was technically challenging. On my first attempt my foot stupidly slipped on about the 7th hold. I was allowed another go where I got considerably further but didn’t complete it. I believe it was a F7c route. I recently have had a month off climbing due to a finger injury and this was the first time I had attempted anything too challenging so not too make my finger worse. Fortunately, I found that my finger only twinged a little. I was relieved by this so now can gradually increase the intensity of my training and climbing. We then had a harder route which was enjoyable but I fell on a long powerful move. Following our two leads we continued our training theory session with Neil Gresham.

The second day we were trying some of the leading ladder routes. We tried the 7a+, 7b, 7c and 8a. They were all proper nails! After this we joined in with the SIBL bouldering comp which happened to be on during our training. There were some interesting and fun problems.

To finish the day we had a hardcore hour and half core training session. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this was pleasant, but it was.. educational! I’m definitely going to have to keep up the circuit training on Fridays at Nottingham wall!

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