Pushing things Forward

We have picked up the pace in camp Ceuse, the walk in is feeling easier everyday and the classics are falling one by one. We are working a two day on, one day off rotor and I have only needed one easier day due an aching finger which is encouraging. Yesterday I completed my first goal of the trip with a quick send of “L’ami de tout le Monde”, (Friends of the World) 8b. Ed and Myself quickly dispatched this route on our first redpoint after a quick look at the moves, super psyched!I Finished the day with a string of the teeth onsight of a desperate 7c, “Teuchipa”. The day before another awesome route saw a team ascent from Ed, Sam and myself, “Bourinator” is an incredibly steep 8a through a massive bulging roof. This saw a flash ascent from Ed and succumbed second go for me after placing the draws at the start of the day.

The rest days are incredibly tough, I even had to do a wash! We visited a beautiful gorge sculpted by the river, forming deep plunge pools and smooth flumes. Today we spent the day swimming in a local lake and enjoying the sun.

Hopefully the next couple of days will see ascents of “Les Colonnettes” a super classic 8a and then a tickle of the extension “The Black Beau” an awesome looking 8B+ that embarks on a 70m journey.

By Luke Tilley