BRYCS final, Ratho 2010

By Dan Bradley

This event is getting bigger and better each year. 187 competitors turned up for the final but first they had to qualify from over 600 climbers nationwide. With each competitor bringing family and friends for support there was going to be a need for a rather large wall, which is why Ratho in Edinburgh was the ideal venue.

With Ailsa, Naomi, Sarah, Gracie, Flo and Tom all entering we were expecting good results and we were not going to be disappointed.

Tom was on form flashing all boulder problems and getting higher on the routes than anyone else, including the route demo volunteer (Luke Tilley, he must be named!) and winning the competition gaining the title British junior champion!

Ailsa unfortunately off with injury for a while still managed to pull plenty out of the bag and come 16th overall.

Naomi was climbing exceptionally well but not quite managing to keep up with Sarah who got just one point more than her giving them 6th and 7th place overall.

In our younger category was Flo and Gracie, both climbing well and feeling confident, all was going well until the second route when they both slipped off at the same point from a poor foot hold allowing a few competitors to get above them. The final route was a power fest and again separated the group but overall for their first national comp a very respectable 9th for Gracie and 15th place for Flo.

Overall our team result was 2nd, YES 2ND! That is in Britain!

Some people may just read the blog, some may know our climbers from climbing at the wall, in competitions or out in the peaks. I’m sure that you would all agree they are bursting with enthusiasm and are all very lovable. It has taken a lot of effort and hard work from both the team and their parents.

I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and effort that you have put in. You are why our team rocks!!!!

Cheers Dan

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