Battle of Britain

By Ben Meakin

For once a climbing competition that did not start at 9 in the morning. On Saturday myself and Kenny went up to the Battle of Britain at the Depot in Leeds. We had 30 problems to try in 4 hours so we could take our time and slowly work through them.

Well that was the plan, but I was finding myself doing all of them in two and a half. I tackled the problems by doing the easy ones last and the slopey and droppable ones first before they got greased up by everyone else.

The Depot in Leeds is know for its monster roof and we had two climbs on it. Luckily I have been training my power endurance and did not find them too bad apart from the last moves which were big and slappy to poor holds. I did 28 out of 30 which I was very happy with, but I know that it was an easy comp so a lot of people would be in the same boat.

Our plan had been to leave the comp early for Al’s party back in Nottingham but someone said ‘don't go yet, wait for the results’ with a worrying smile on their face. I had a feeling I was close to making it in the final. The time came and my name was read out, damn!!! I know the other people in the final and they are all beasts climbing 8B. The time came and I was well out of my depth unable to climb even one of the 4 problems.

I really enjoyed the comp and seeing lots of old faces. But looking back on it I think there were 2 reasons I made the final; I picked the right order to do the problems and a lot of strong faces were missing. So now I am going to train really hard for trips I have planned for next year which are more important than comps inside!

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