7 podiums for Team Crush

By Kenny Stocker

Thanks to Jim Watkin, a friendly inter region comp hit the competition scene for the first time last week. The comp was run the same as the Youth Climbing Series, but with some variations. The regions taking part were Peak, Midlands and The South West. Each of these areas have some tough competition, especially as Jim made the decision that GB team members could compete!

Another major difference to the Youth Climbing Series was that it was a team event. Everyones results went towards an overall average for the area. This really brought out the team spirit. Over all we had 7 individual podiums from team Crush alone which is a pretty awesome show!! Also, Peak was the region with the most team members, something to be proud of!

Out of the three areas competing, we didn’t come last, or first. We came right in the middle. So not bad, but something to work on! Next time, we’ll be there, with that trophy. KEEP TRAINING!!

Altogether a great comp. It was fab to see everyone so psyched and motivated for this and I think we’re all looking forward to the next one. I hope you’ve all got a buzz off it like me, and that you’re all out there training!

I’d like to say thanks to Jim for organising it. Also I’d like to send my best wishes to Emily Allen who couldn’t be there. We’re thinking of you and hope your leg gets better soon. We missed your strength at this comp!!

Naomi Tilley

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