Sarah Leighton

Outdoors addict, health advocate, video creator, and inventor of the 'Adventure Triathlon'

Sarah Leighton


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Sarah is the jack of all trades and master of none of the adventure world - which led her to create the Adventure Triathlon series. Paddle boarding, cycling, and hiking the length of countries to raise money for charities that protect the natural World, and reconnect humans with it.

Sarah films her solo adventure exploits in a less than serious way - think, adventure meets Monty Python, whilst showcasing the incredible scenery that the UK has to offer. She wants everyone to reconnect with what's around them for the good of their health, and to challenge themselves to find what makes them feel alive, by helping you adopt the 'give it a go and see what happens' mentality that she lives by.

Career Highlights

  • Hiked the equivalent ascent of Everest in the Brecon Beacons dressed as a Welsh Dragon
  • Sledged and mountain boarded (once the snow melted) down 100 peaks in Wales
  • Paddle boarded, cycled, and hiked the length of Wales (480km) - the Welsh Adventure Triathlon
  • Paddle boarded, cycled, and hiked the length of Scotland (750km) - the Scottish Adventure Triathlon

Sarah Leighton On Film

Sarah Leighton

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